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Ahmad Zarwi & Aya Yatim

Ahmad : Walid Baz and all the team with no exception: You guys did an amazing job..

My wedding was perfect due to the perfection spirit in each one of this strong and professional team.. I thank you now and i thank you for the rest of my life for this unforgettable night.. You guys are amazing.. Wishing you all the best in everything..

Aya : I appreciate each and everyone of you who made my night a very special one and ofcourse my all-time favorite wedding planner Walid Baz.. Loveeee youuuuuu and thank you from now till the end of time .

Abdulla Hakim & Dana Bissar

Thank you for making our wedding magical!! Everything was beautiful!!!

Hanadi & Martin Wedding

WOW is not even close to what i felt .
AMAZING won’t even describe what you did on our wedding day!
GENIUS won’t even represent your creativity and hard work
So i will just say: Thank You Walid Baz 

Cosette & Tony Akar

Hello BAZ events team,
No words can really express our feedback after our amazing wedding!
We are till now getting calls from the invitees not to tell us congratulations, not to ask us about our marriage life, not to checking on us! All people are still calling JUST to tell us the same thing: “Your wedding was amazing, extraordinary, well organized, booming…. And in all our life we didn’t attend such a wedding”
We are not exaggerating, this was the same sentence that every invitee said to me!
We are really happy and proud to have such a special wedding!
But the only “thank you” is going to the hero Walid Baz that owns BAZ events company!
We are really proud to have such company and such big team in our country!
Baz Events! You made our big day, you were the reason of our happiness, glory, and self confidence
We recommend BAZ events for all people! Perfect job, perfect organizations, perfect team, perfect concepts, perfect Boss and perfect Results!
God bless you all and we are extremely thankful for what you achieve during our wedding preparations and in our special day!

Hanadi & Martin Engagement!

The only words that come to mind looking back at our engagement party are: fairytale, dream come true, classy, elegant, professional, dedication, perfection, genius, etc.
I could go on and on but nothing would describe how the baz team made our night a night that EVERYONE remembers and keep talking about.
What more of a testimony can we give other than: BE READY TO PLAN OUR WEDDING 🙂

Arwa and Anis Dagher

Walid Baz is worth his weight in gold!!
He definitely knows his business and he will make your “long awaited day” unforgettable!
His great and amazing team is ready to go the extra miles to make you worriless on this stressful day!
We love you Walidddd!! Thank you for making our wedding an amazing memory for the rest of our lives!!

Nabil Adra & Lana Dbaibo

” Our wedding was truly magical! It was generously created to perfection by the most professional & amazing team and their wonderful boss! ”