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Who We Are

As a wedding planner, creativity & exclusivity are the keywords of our agency along with a strong eye for details.
Our weddings are no longer just about an abundance of flowers, they have become Events on a larger–than-life scale, incorporating a myriad of elements, including architecture, set design, furniture making, lighting & Art installation .

Our Mission

You see things and say,why? But I dream things that never were and say why not?? that quote embodies how we approach every event. With the advent of new technologies in areas such as lighting and image projection, we are no longer held to the limits of our imagination, the impossible is now possible… Anything you can dream we can create.


Company Overview

Celebration. A time when friends & Family come together in a breathtaking beautiful setting to rejoice in one of life’s milestones: A Wedding, An Event, An Anniversary.
There are few moments in life that are so overwhelming in their beauty , theatricality, and scope, that they transfix us with wonderment and stay with us for the rest of lives.

Our Expertise

We are not only specialized in the A to Z management of your wedding but professional enough to ensure for you the extreme comfort and relief during this highly emotional period.

We ensure that every element comes together with a technique and efficiency. The flow, timing, and execution of a wedding day are as important as the details themselves. It’s the magic that fills the heart of our professional team who is dedicated to perform your every wish. Limited only by your imagination.